Tour alone

When we hear the phrase "tour alone," there is some kind of anxiety. Immediately the question arises: why alone, perhaps among all the friends there was no one who could dilute loneliness? It seems that such a person certainly exists, but the point is not to take a companion with you, but to not need to take it.

The meaning of the name Saveliy

The soft-sounding name Savely, according to the first version, has Jewish roots and translates as "a welcome, gift of God, begged from God." There is a second version of the origin, according to which the name Savely comes from the Latin word "sabelus", in approximate meaning - "unpretentious, simple." Undoubtedly, a rare name distinguishes its owner from the general environment.

Digitalis - medicinal properties and use in medicine

Digitalis - a general description of digitalis (digitalis Digitális) herbaceous plant, perennial or biennial grass, belonging to the Podorozhnikov family. It has a hard tall stalk, up to 150 cm high, unbranched. Whole-edge, lanceolate leaves are attached in the next way, gradually turning into bracts.

Ksenia Borodina told about the relationship with her ex-husband and shared her views on marriage

Ksenia Borodina told reporters about the relationship with her ex-husband. According to the TV presenter, she does not communicate with the ex-spouse, however, she does not forbid him to meet with their common daughter Marusya. Borodina admitted that she grew up without a dad herself and believes that it is impossible to stand between the child and his father. Xenia told about her views on marriage.

TOP of the most famous gigolos

The word "Alphonse" is associated with the image of a refined, courteous, but calculating handsome. He knows how to create the appearance of a good personal life for a woman, and adds success to himself on the love front. Among politicians, people of high society, actors can meet such representatives of love adventurism.

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How to make jelly from juice with gelatin and without at home. Recipes for desserts for the festive table, healthy berry jelly from juice for the winter

Making jelly from a ready-made store mix in a bag is very simple. But the same cold dessert will be much more useful if you choose the ingredients yourself. In jelly from the juice of fresh berries and fruits, there will be guaranteed no artificial flavors, dyes or flavors. The basis, the amount of sugar and the type of gelling component can be chosen at your own discretion.

Curly Sue confessed to alcoholism

Anyone who in the early 90s was keen on watching American films on videotape was certainly well known for the movie "Curly Sue." The main character, played by Alison Portert, won the hearts of all who saw her at least once. However, life is not so rosy. A former child star, and now a 33-year-old mother of two children, Alison openly admitted that she had previously experienced a strong addiction to alcohol.

Fruit puree - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously prepare fruit puree.

Fruit puree - general principles of preparation Fruit puree is usually included in the scheme of the first complementary foods for infants. Also, mash is given to patients during the recovery period, as it is well absorbed by the body, helps to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. Begin the first lure with applesauce, as it has the most gentle effect on the body.

Angina - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Angina refers to acute infectious diseases of streptococcal etiology. Angina is characterized by manifestations of intoxication, inflammatory changes in the tonsils of the lymph nodes. Infection is transmitted by food and airborne droplets. Often there is an infection of the pharynx and oral cavity.

Fashionable hairstyles of the coming winter - 60s style

Fashionable in the winter of 2014 will be several hairstyles. One trend stands out from them - a-la fleece 60s. Vogue experts have confirmed that the style of the 60s is returning to fashion this winter. He was returned by the Prada Fashion House in 2012. This time fleece will be popular. Julia Lauta has already shown a high shell at the ceremony "The Most Starry Bride - 2013".

Gosha Kutsenko provoked a political scandal among his fans

Recently, the actor Gosha Kutsenko posted a photo on his Instagram page that provoked a real political battle among his subscribers. The fact is that the artist who holds the iPhone in the picture and on the case of which there is a reproduction of the famous photo "Combat" signed it "For the Motherland! For sanctions!

AIDS - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

AIDS (AIDS) is a condition that provokes HIV infection and is characterized by severe immune disorders. It manifests itself as tumor and infectious diseases, prolonged repeated infections. Because the virus is prone to mutation, AIDS develops even if antiretroviral drugs are taken.

Dress or sheet?

Like many actresses, Jennifer Lawrence never had a good taste. However, the output at the recent Golden Globe became a fatal failure for the girl. The actress appeared at the ceremony in a dress by Dior, who all immediately called the "sheet". The dress became a real hit of Intrent.

Fashionable rules of summer 2014

In summer, your appearance becomes the main fashion accent, so it is important to know the main beauty trends and rules of the season. About how to look in the summer of 2014, will tell the experts of the beauty center "Noble Manor". 1. "Sunburn - in the law ..." After a long period of complete discredit of sunburn as a harmful phenomenon, fashion designers predict the fashion for tanned bodies and faces.